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15 seconds of flavor, freshness and taste which creates desire!

Introducing a new concept of video presentation for your restaurant products: Video Food.

Video Food is a unique way to highlight the freshness and the ingredients quality, the plating and the flavor of the products, using 15-20 seconds video. The videos are created by using special techniques and devices which focus on the smallest details of the products.

The definition of Video Food is evolving. As the marketing industry itself. We decided to provide simple solutions and very efficient. This is what Video Food is, what it will be and why it matters to your business in 2017.

Some examples of video presentations made by us:

For a better experience, please view the videos on fullscreen.

Why Video Food?

A different kind of presentation can attract more customers

The simple description using only words and pictures of a product is the standard method offered very often to clients.
We propose a more realistic viewing, a more attractive and convincing one.
Through a 15 – 20 second of videos you can present the product’s story.

The culinary art is revealed through video presentations

Usually, the chefs of a restaurant don’t succeed to highlight their products only by mentioning the ingredients in the menu. By using this type of videos, they can reveal to the customer how the final product has been prepared.

You differentiate yourself from the competition

Given the fact that there’re a large numbers of restaurants, a unique way for the product’s presentation can draw the attention of your customers and will create a for sure a pozitive customer experience.

Be among the first to benefit of the Video Food service!

The advantages of Video Food presentation

Creates emotion and desire

A 15-20 seconds video will reveal the culinary art of products and  can convince the customer to try them out.

Tells the story of the product

People love to see how the products are prepared and will also be able to see the quality of used ingredients.

More customers

The video presentation will increase the number of customers, the number of products ordered and thus profits.

Customer loyalty and recommendations

Your customer will become loyal, being tempted to try more often other products. Also, they will recommend your products to their intimates.

The videos can be displayed / shared

  • On TV monitors from the restaurants
  • On tablets (Digital menu)
  • In the online environment: Social Media (Facebook, Instagram), restaurant’s website
  • On outdoor digital screens

Our Clients


Restaurants that focus on offering quality products


Fast food restaurants that want to be different


Producers of semi-prepared food


Wine producers

Behind the Scenes - how a Video Food session goes

Our services

Video making of for product presentation

We create 15-20 seconds videos to reveal the freshness and quality of each product.

Consultancy and marketing strategies

We offer you consultancy, ideas and marketing strategies, and support for their implementation to receive the maximum benefits of the videos.

Digital Menu Application

A dedicated application for restaurants which will be installed on tablets and it will replace the classic printed menu.

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