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Video content is one of the most successful elements of online marketing campaigns and its role continues to offer added value to every brand every day. It can definitely change the way your business looks in front of your customers.

Here are just some of the reasons why video marketing manages to bring more customers to your business:

  1. In 2017, the video content will represent over 74% of Internet traffic.
  2. Half of your customers will buy your product or service after watching a video of its presentation.
  3. Your video content can be shared by a big part of your clients. This can increase your rate of engagement with the targeted audience and thus your message gets to be distributed in an organic way.
  4. Video content is more than perfect to inform and educate your potential customers, but also the existing ones. Containing visuals and audio, a video presentation of a product is the perfect way to show your customers how it works and how it can be used.
  5. Video content builds credibility around your product / service. Through a well developed scenario and a humanized message, the way you introduce to your customers your product / service can differentiate you from the competition and you can add more value to it.
  6. A video content is viewed by your customers as a different kind of contact with the brand, video content establish a personal connection with potential clients.
  7. The production costs of the videos are not as large as in previous years, because of the many editing programs online, simple and easy to understand.
  8. Your video content can be distributed through the online marketing channels: Facebook, Youtube, Google +, and offline environment: on monitors / TV, outdoor digital screens.

The list of reasons why video content promotion campaigns will dominate trends may continue, but if you’re still not sure how you can build a video marketing campaign, contact us!